Earth Stewardship Cooperative is a member only social networking website. Please be advised that you are about to leave your current jurisdiction and will be entering the jurisdiction of Earth Stewardship Cooperative. Earth Stewardship Cooperative functions in a private capacity in which natural and unalienable rights are recognized. Any association within the Earth Stewardship Cooperative jurisdiction is done voluntarily and under the rights of private contract. We value and encourage the free exchange of ideas and advocate the sharing of educational materials pertaining to the objectives as outlined in the Earth Stewardship Cooperative mission statement.

Mission Statement:

Earth Stewardship Cooperative (ESC) is a consumer cooperative, a private association formed to create an on-line and off-line environment that is supportive of eco-responsible enterprises, quality products, and natural, healthy ways of living. ESC practices a non-violent approach to enact positive change in the form of implementing, building, and supporting desirable alternatives. We know it is vital to the planet, our freedom and security to establish alternative and local sources for goods and services that are most vital to our basic needs. We aim to divest from the “rat race” toward more meaningful work and ethical production systems to enable happier and healthier lifestyles.   The Earth Stewardship Cooperative website provides the platform to explore, invest in, build and benefit from creative alternatives with like-minded people, as well as provide a forum for self-directed education through community sharing of projects and information.

We seek conscious buyers who know true value, new and established enterprises aligned with our values and criteria, individuals interested in intentional community, and those who wish to become concretely involved in our projects. We seek co-op members to invest, and share co-op member benefits from co-op land, projects, and workshops with fellow co-op members. We encourage special interest groups, and local regional gatherings towards community, self-direction locally and as part of the larger network in the spirit of cooperative community.

Benefits of Membership:

As a member you will enjoy the benefits of social networking with the ability to develop your own profile and online presence. The Earth Stewardship Cooperative social media platform will assist and enable self-directed learning without all the commercial advertising and media bias associated with some of the mainstream social networking websites. We are currently working to develop and provide an e-Commerce section for website members to utilize and access. With your membership fees you will also be given the opportunity to support projects, observe and learn from their growth and success.

After minimal website maintenance/management expenses, funds will be directed to project options chosen by the ESC directors. Site members can anticipate a price break on goods and services distributed within the ESC supply network as they are grown or manufactured within our community.  As membership grows, and we get to know each other we will make co-op membership available. Depending on our success and your committed involvement, co-op members may ultimately receive perks in proportion to our accumulative success

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