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  1. Ross Sidaway 2 years ago

    I’m trying to update the Detaxcanada title page link to to provide his most recent data. This link provides 2015 data whereas the other link provides 2013 data.

    For some reason I cannot update the link. Why is that?

  2. Ross Sidaway 2 years ago

    I tried to post the link: that provides the entire mirror for DetaxCanada.
    But since the link has 2 http:// it is considered two links ranther than one.

    I could put this into the title page but your system will not let me update… I gather, any more… Does this have anything to do with Alex Jone not liking to being pointed out as a “front-runner” diverting his followers away from the brainchip-takeover of USA? He let the cat out of the bag in spring of 2018, you guys don’t know…

  3. Ross Sidaway 2 years ago

    I was curious why my edits were not being accepted, so I jumped onto my “brainchipped future” group and i was rejected from doing edits. but I could post a new comment/edit/delete… then I ran through the different topics and slowly my edits stopped being blocked.
    I wondered if it ESC, but I rather think it was WordPress doing this. Am I wrong?
    Thanks If it you guys let me fix the links in DetaxCanada… If it wasn’t you, then Jones and the thug-network’s tenticles into are messing with your paid-for site.
    The things I say about Jones can be backed-up, I’m not kidding about the guy.
    All is fine on DetaxCanada, my edits went through finally, nothing else needs to be done.

  4. Ross Sidaway 2 years ago

    Looks like I am being double charged for membership. Double on Nov.27 and double for Dec.27…. you can just reverse two of them back into my paypal if you can.

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