Well, despite claiming that I would not use the larger font for my posts, I was asked by a few people to continue with it as it is easier to read I guess. So, because I like it also, here I am. Now, as to the subject matter of this post… How can we change the world and ourselves though eating? Well, the answer is actually rather simple and ties directly into previous videos and interviews I have done regarding Divestment (proper noun for my use of the word and my Divestment Plan). Now, first off, people should be concerned about their health and their quality of life. Why, because 99% of you have a very shitty health and an even worse quality of life. You may not even know how bad it is because you have never known anything else so this current State of Being is probably normal for you, however, it is far from normal in nature and especially for man in his natural State.

First off, man does not thrive off cardboard, and sadly that is what processed food is. In fact, it’s actually worse than cardboard because the chemicals in cardboard are less toxic than the ones in the food contained therein that you are going to put into your body. So, without getting too detailed on the obvious, NOTHING PROCESSED……AT ALL. If it is not in its natural state, then do not touch it. The more processed, the worse it is for your body to break down and attempt to metabolize…which it cannot do. Obesity is usually a complete lack of nutrients despite eating so much food, your body is plugged like a drain with 10 pounds of solid grease and everything just backs up, which is why fat people are always hungry, they are actually starving to death which is why they get sick and diseased to easily.

Todays Lunch:

This was WAY more than a man (men and women) needs to eat at one sitting, by double actually. But it gives you an idea of a healthy meal. Two whole sliced tomatoes (alkalizing),  3/4 of a good Avocado (healthy plant based fats you need to metabolize vitamins and minerals and alkalizing), and 4 small pieces of a gluten free bread (worst thing on the plate but gluten free) all sprinkled with a very liberal amount of Himalayan Salt (VERY alkalizing).  You body is supposed to be Alkaline, in fact your blood is supposed to be precisely 7.35 Potential of Hydrogen (pH). This is because all sorts of things like Viruses, bad Bacteria, and ESPECIALLY FUNGUS cannot thrive and even dies in an alkaline environment but thrives in an acidic one….which you create by eating fucking garbage. You’re basically feeding dis-ease and killing yourself, literally.

Now, having said that… I call myself a Vegan because it is the simplest way to describe how I eat to the Muggles, but then I have to add that being a Vegan is not good either if you pig out on the wrong foods, such as rice and white potatoes, too much fruit, or pasta even if it’s dairy free. Not only that, but most fruits are actually mildly acidifying, which means that is not good either. But yes, I do not eat meat, meat products, dairy, most grains (gluten), bread, potatoes, rice and assorted other goodies that most people call “Everything that I eat”, because I eat none of it anymore….for the last 17 months. And the last 17 months I spent experimenting with the fruit, lentils, and a few other things to determine what combination worked best, and I pretty much have it now. It is lost knowledge and I used my own body as the experiment.

Supper last night:

I will do my best to proceed with basics here and not get off topic and ramble. The above plate is a combination of some quinoa and long grain brown rice, sprouted, with a couple tomatoes mixed in, diced, topped with a half an Avocado, diced up, and Franks Hot Sauce. This was particularly impressive tasting, I’ve had it twice since. I love Avocados and that healthy plant based fat is detoxifying, good for the brain, mildly alkalizing, and helps to absorb vitamins and minerals as well as protein from the food. The cayenne in the hot sauce is also very antiviral, alkalizing, and medicinal in a number of ways and also boosts the metabolism.

That being said, people always ask me what is wrong with potatoes and rice (white rice). Well, this is the part of the Diet where I adhere to the teachings of Arnold Erhret and “Rational Fasting – The Mucusless Diet Healing System” who’s research showed that when foods such as white rice and potatoes break down in your system they basically rot, like meat and dairy, and cause a MASSIVE amount of Mucus and Puss to be generated in your blood which has some unbelievably bad results such as completely plugging your system which he refers to as constipation of the body. This is the cause of 100% of dis-eases, and he proved it by curing every known dis-ease, especially Cancer, and then was quickly murdered after publishing his book which became wildly popular.

So, having said that, what are the “Deans” notes to eating healthy? Fresh fruits (20% of diet), leafy greens (most important) and steamed vegetables. That’s it, for a dis-ease free life and in fact, over time, curing you of any disease. There are ways to speed that process up, including fasting followed by cleanses and enemas, but you get the idea for this brief overview. Juicing raw root vegetables and other hard to digest raw vegetables, such as Broccoli and Kale, are acceptable and actually very effective for fighting off dis-ease and cleansing. Also, some foods such as spinach are NOT to be eaten raw as they have a very acidifying reaction on the body and require steaming, but fortunately spinach is one of the few exceptions. So, from now on when you see someone eating a spinach salad and they think they are eating super healthy, you know that they are actually helping out the cancer in their body, which is a fungus problem, candida specifically, that gets out of control because their , and yours, body is a toxic swamp of puss, mucus, and chronic acidosis.

Before I became gluten free also, here’s a homemade pizza that I made often for guests when they came, the tomato sauce was just sliced tomatoes, then fresh veggies and garlic for seasoning. People loved it. Now, just add a gluten free crust and you are ready to be dis-ease free!

Believe me, you will not miss the cheese when you bite into those delicious veggies and garlic with a drizzle of olive oil, or preferably avocado oil, on top and Himalayan Salt and some pepper. YUMMY!

Now, the healthiest dish that I know of, that is also my personal favorite, is steamed Brussel Sprouts (mildly alkalizing and OFF THE CHARTS when it comes to anti-oxidants and dis-ease fighting goodies) and topped with 2 whole bulbs of Garlic (alkalizing and also off the chart for goodies) with some Himalayan Salt on top, and a sprinkle of avocado oil. This is so yummy it is unbelievable. Use only fresh brussel sprouts and do NOT over cook them. Put the garlic in last, at about 10 minutes, on top, when the sprouts are almost done and the flavour soaks down into them without overcooking the garlic. YUMMY!

Now, as for the question I know you are going to ask…. “Where do you get your protein from!?!?!?”, which is what all the jockhead unhealthy bodybuilders always want to know. Well, it is a proven fact that when you stop overloading your body with protein, which everyone does, your body is a natural force of recycling its used protein and amino acids and will recycle 80% of it. However, it never started doing that because we have overload on protein from birth, your body is so plugged it is more concerned with trying to get rid of the excess at present than anything. Just stop. Think for a minute and look at this picture:

Now, you tell me where his BBQ with $60.00 of Chicken Breasts are to become an 800 lb piece of solid muscle that could rip your arms off and beat you to death with your severed limbs without getting up. Where are the T-Bones!?!? Where are the fucking GIANT TUBS OF PROTEIN POWDER!?!?!?!? They eat leafy green things, and that is it. Period. That is our closest living relative, and they are HERBIVORES! Get it yet???  Gorillas do not have a cancer rate of 50% and climbing and they do not take high blood pressure pills. Their bones are thicker and stronger than baseball bats……BUT they don’t drink 100 gallons of milk per day…. how is that possible?

I leave you with some food for thought (pun intended), and that is that sometimes the obvious may not have all the bought and paid for research to back it up… but it should be fucking obvious.

Having said that….. how much plant life is fed to animals to raise them for slaughter to feed you something that you should not be eating? Enough to feed the world many times over it turns out. Why was Arnold Erhret, the author of Rational Fasting, murdered? For telling you what should be obvious and for endangering the profits of the Commodities Brokers, Wall Street, the Meat and Dairy Association, and the Rothschild Medical (Death) System. How much waste, literally, is produced by all this fucking madness and commercialization of meat and dairy production that is HORRIFIC on animals to feed us stuff that is actually killing us? It turns out to be such an astronomical amount that it is pointless to even talk about it.

How do we fix the world and improve our health and put the banksters and Wall Street out of business? Well, eating correctly is one GIANT step towards that goal. Mostly for your own health, and secondarily for destroying the profits of the mega-corporations poisoning you. Yes, they profit off you eating their garbage that makes you sick, then they profit off you by selling you mustard gas, called chemotherapy, where they make sure you finally die for their benefit.

I am not known for my flowery speeches and trying to win people over to the right side with niceties and “catching flies with honey”. If you want to be a moron and die, that’s your choice. But I will not listen while you bitch and complain about how shitty things are in this world when you are the fucking problem causing all the evil shit. “Wake the fuck up, or shut the fuck up” is more my motto.

Having said that, I sincerely hope you all choose to maybe give this a go, because you will feel amazing, you will be full of energy, your life will improve, and you will be happier while also helping to fix the Earth…..where I live. Also, I should mention that it is substantially cheaper to eat this way, and fresh foods are taxed infinitely less than the processed garbage in a box.

Thank you and have a great day! More coming soon.

Dean C. Clifford.   

P.S. Me on this diet (clearly I need more protein). I am 5’11” and 180 lbs and I do not spend $100.00 per week on chicken breasts and protein powders, that’s for suckers. LOL

  1. Author
    Dean Clifford 3 years ago

    Hey, I totally know this guy!

  2. Quantum Goddess 3 years ago

    Dean….you are a Gemini?

  3. stuccohippie 3 years ago

    I think this post is going to change my life. I was thinking about fasting tomorrow for the first time in my life and now I’m definitely in!

    • stuccohippie 3 years ago

      Already getting ‘hungry’ but with my brother having health problems, my guy bothering me for a few weeks, a friend telling me about getting away from combining foods and dean bringing up this post, I figure it’s time to reset and clean out.

  4. mauipro 3 years ago

    Love this blog article Dean! You’re 100% spot on and I need to step up and become the 800 pound gorilla in the room 🙂 Thank you for this post and please blog more!

  5. stuccohippie 3 years ago

    Only at 24hrs in my fast and I can sense that the whole eating thing is a bit more about mind over matter, yes you need to eat but probably not as much as we do. Even without eating shitty junk food your bodies pleasure sensors are still going off when you eat and snack and we probably get addicted to it.

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